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At the request of Parks and Rec, I have prepared a draft set of bylaws for our club which describe how we currently operate, subject to approval at the next AGM. — John

The Toronto SCRABBLE® Club (NSA Club #3): Bylaws

Draft: October 17, 2005

1. Club Identity

1.1. The name of the club is the “Toronto SCRABBLE® Club”. As the oldest registered club in the National SCRABBLE® Association, the club may also be referred to as “NSA Club #3”.

1.2. The purpose of the club is to promote tournament-style and tournament SCRABBLE® in Toronto.

2. Club Membership and Fees

2.1. The club is open to all persons regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability.

2.2. Members pay a nightly fee which funds prizes and the general expenses of the club. As long as the club continues to enjoy free use of its premises, members will not be charged an annual membership fee.

2.3. A person is deemed to be a club member if they have played at least one rated game at the club within the past year, and they have not played more games at another NSA club than they have at the Toronto club.

2.4. Members of other local NSA clubs may play if they pay the regular nightly fee.

2.5. Members of distant NSA clubs are exempt from paying the regular nightly fee.

3. Club Bylaws

3.1. These bylaws may be changed by a 2/3 majority vote of those club members in good standing present at a voting meeting.

3.2. There will be one voting meeting held in July or August each year, called the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3.3. A club director may give one week's notice to call an emergency voting meeting, to take place immediately before a regular playing meeting.

4. Annual General Meeting

4.1. At the AGM, each member present will in turn describe what they have done for the club in the past year, what they would like to do for the club in the coming year, and make any suggestions for changes to the way the club operates.

4.2. If more than one member wants to perform the same job and they are all qualified to do so, then where possible the job should be shared among them.

4.3. A simple (50% + 1) majority suffices to ratify or defeat a member's suggestion, if it does not involve a change to the bylaws.

4.4. The club treasurer will present a report of the club's finances.

4.5. Some club staff members may be remunerated for their services. They shall absent themselves from the meeting when the remaining club members deliberate and vote on their remuneration.

5. Club Staff

4.1. The club staff consist at a minimum of a director and a treasurer.

4.2. The director(s) must be certified by and registered with the National Scrabble Association.

4.3. The treasurer shall keep an accurate record of the club finances and make disbursements as voted.