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Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship
March 9, 2010

Division SR Round 4 Rankings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast Game
14–0+79978Alex and Jackson (Jack Miner) (SR1)2W:361-272:SR11
24–0+13056Wyeth and Daisy (Palmerston) (SR36)2W:228-187:SR22
33–1+63878Tara and Derek (Jack Miner) (SR15)2W:323-179:SR20
43–1+20556Kathleen and Zoe (Palmerston) (SR26)2W:201-177:SR4
53–1+16878Tristan and Joey (Jack Miner) (SR17)2W:244-212:SR31
53–1+16878Nikola and Cameron (Swansea) (SR12)2W:212-133:SR28
73–1+16378Kishan and Connor (Bessborough) (SR8)2W:262-158:SR7
83–1+12678Nathan and Geoff (Winona) (SR11)1L:272-361:SR1
93–1+10878Zamzam and Usama (Dixon Grove) (SR18)2W:176-112:SR35
103–1-4556Matthew and Liam (Rolph Road) (SR27)2W:219-126:SR34
112½–1½+13056Iain and Gabriel (Palmerston) (SR22)1L:187-228:SR36
122½–1½+456Dashiel and Leo (Chester) (SR20)1L:179-323:SR15
132–2+17578Merve and Peyton (Swansea) (SR10)2W:237-162:SR16
142–2+11978Emmalyn and Emily (Bessborough) (SR4)1L:177-201:SR26
152–2+8356Mike and Heng Cheng (Ogden) (SR31)1L:212-244:SR17
162–2+2956Jennifer and Claire (Rolph Road) (SR24)1W:291-250:SR25
172–2+2778Karen and Bretton (Windfields) (SR5)1W:204-161:SR2
182–2+1956Max and Matthew (Chine Drive) (SR28)1L:133-212:SR12
192–2-378Staree and Koushi (Winchester) (SR14)1W:188-155:SR6
202–2-4578Kia and Kathryn (Chine Drive) (SR7)1L:158-262:SR8
212–2-4956Swarani and Lamisa (Dewson) (SR35)1L:112-176:SR18
222–2-12356Stephen and Jesse (Churchill) (SR34)1L:126-219:SR27
232–2-14356Iloe and Jasmine (Dewson) (SR23)1W:140-122:SR33
242–2-24756Rut and Umar (Dixon Grove) (SR32)1W:141-122:SR9
252–2-30656Damian and Wylie (Swansea) (SR19)2W:181-179:SR21
261–3-1978Eden and Jether (Winona) (SR3)2W:236-174:SR13
271–3-7578Mandy and Tarik (Winona) (SR9)2L:122-141:SR32
281–3-11056Halley and Mahnoor (Dixon Grove) (SR21)1L:179-181:SR19
291–3-15178Tharani and Kerthaney (Winchester) (SR16)1L:162-237:SR10
301–3-19678Kenneth and Gurkaran (Windfields) (SR6)2L:155-188:SR14
311–3-24656Michael and Kevin (Churchill) (SR29)1W:146-117:SR30
321–3-26878Carmen and Rachel (Winona) (SR2)2L:161-204:SR5
331–3-27756Julia and Grace (Rolph Road) (SR25)2L:250-291:SR24
341–3-32356Shyamain and Deric (Derrydown) (SR33)2L:122-140:SR23
350–4-19356Miduran and Deep (Derrydown) (SR30)2L:117-146:SR29
360–4-27278Snigdha and Sinthuja (Winchester) (SR13)1L:174-236:SR3

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